Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

a little less convenient

The cigarette slightly moving away from her lips as she puffs out the smoke into the car mirror, motioning to the right; a woman sitting on the pavement, rocking back and forth, with her hands clasped around herself; she goes on and says "that could have been you". I breathe out loudly an uncomfortable sigh and say “when broken we make amends”.

Caught in a traffic jam between half conscious, half intoxicated and slightly in a delusional state; I hear a knock on the car window, as Andrew Bird’s yawny at the apocalypse resonates through the speakers. A stranger, walking by, presents me with a rose; I, with no facial expression, gesture "no thank you" he smiles then walks away.

I look into the car mirror and remind myself "I am trying to be sane, stop calling out my name".

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009


He glances back and forth trying to find a soul through my eyes.

We inhale, as one, the cancerous air that nourishes our lungs; nobody else could feel this like we did.

I swear I will never give in. I refuse.

Monday, March 16, 2009

hitler in my heart

For two days like a quiet ghost on the windshield, he analyzed my every motion as I destroyed my lungs, as I laughed, sung and cried.

When I asked him for some sympathy, he could only waltz to Voyevoda; moving his tiny feet rhythmically and when the music died he knew it was time to go "when we drink beer, dragonflies appear...lazy butterfly dreaming of the sky, wake up the clouds are coming…I won’t forget her" is all my little dreary spider whispered before leaving me to dwell in my loneliness

I curse you dear cherub for blowing him away with your weather, for ruining my vision and now I can no longer tell red from green anymore, and because of you I offered my heart to the cruel and heartless; where the truthful words came out of my mouth "use it more wisely than I ever did" but my offer was unwanted.

ET stopped by the parking lot wall to say hello and asked me if the weather was safe to find home again to which I answered "It is never safe".

Sunday, March 15, 2009

the lights go on

We defied our government; we were a crowd of strangers staring at a screen, watching, as the music took over our souls and men rose from the Mediterranean Sea.

I leaned my back against the wall accidentally bumping into a painting that stared back at me in shame for making her known...I apologized and moved ever so slightly away.

"Would you like a chair?" asked a voice in the darkness sitting to my left, all I could make out were curls, to which I answered "oh no that’s okay thanks", my response was ignored, he stood up and walked out into the light where I noticed the bluest of eyes; he brought a chair over and placed it next to his – I smiled – We never spoke again.

"Bashir was to them what David Bowie was to me" my stranger and I laughed. We were the only two to understand the joke it seems.

As the film reached its final scene the images were no longer an animation, I could not help but cry as these people that went through a horrific massacre, screaming in agony, anger and pain as dead bodies of their fathers, sons, daughters, wives and grandparents were piled on top of one another like sardines and then the image of a little girl, no older than 8, buried in the rubble.

The lights went on; I wiped my face of tears shed for a past that should have been long before acknowledged. I had only one cigarette left, I offered it to someone to which she responded "you live here, you deserve that cigarette more than I do".

Sunday, March 8, 2009

a palpable tale

Thirteen floors closer to the sky I shared my secret with a horse soaring by the sea side.

He preached of the silence surrounding the harvest moon, he invited me to look up, spread out my hands and let the wind blow through my soul.

When the time was right the stillness blew west to where my heart lays to rest.

The chrysalis scratching out the surface of what this quiet disguise has concealed from me.

It would be no crime to turn into another tiny and insignificant version of myself; maybe I am as good as I will ever be.